Part-Time Job Assistance Service

What Is The DeVry/Orlando Part-Time Job Assistance Service?
The DeVry/Orlando Student Services Office is committed to helping students find part-time jobs while attending school. This service is a shortcut to finding part-time work in the Orlando area. We save students time by gathering contact information they would otherwise collect on their own.

Part-time employment will allow students to gain work experience while earning money to help meet personal and school expenses. Although we cannot guarantee every student a job, DeVry/Orlando students enjoy an excellent reputation in the community, resulting in consistent placement of students who genuinely want to work.

How Does The Part-Time Job Assistance Service Work?
The part-time job leads are posted on the Job Board next to the Student Services Office, Room 143. The student is then responsible for making contact with the potential employer and is expected to follow through with each lead. Receiving a lead does not guarantee you will be hired, but it will help since contact has already been made with the hiring manager.

Students need to be open and flexible when searching for employment. DeVry/Orlando does not guarantee placement in part-time jobs, but will assist as long as the student is actively seeking employment. Students must look over the Job Board often, keeping in mind it may take weeks to secure employment. DON'T WAIT!

What Type of Job Opportunities Can I Expect?
The jobs listed through this program are primarily in stock, warehouse, service, department stores, retail, clerical, light industrial, mechanical, sales, service, technical and various other areas. Levels of experience and professionalism will vary and the variety and types of job opportunities vary from week to week. Starting wages generally range from $7.67 to $10.00 per hour, and students who remain at a job can usually expect regular pay increases. Student Services recommends that students work no more than 25 - 30 hours per week.

Who Is Eligible To Use the Part-Time Job Assistance Service?
The Part-Time Job Assistance Service is designed to assist all currently enrolled DeVry/Orlando students find part-time job opportunities. Students are encouraged to use the Part-Time Assistance Service any time they need a part-time job while attending DeVry. It is up to the student to secure the final offer of employment.

When Can Students Use The Part-Time Job Assistance Service?
Students can use our services as soon as they arrive on campus. All new students are urged to visit the Part-time Job Board.

Also, be sure to investigate other job options, such as the Work-Study Program (a form of financial aid), the Co-Op Program (for career-related positions after your third term, depending upon your program of study), and faculty and student assistant positions right on campus.

Remember - A part-time job is merely a means to an end. Your education is a priority! The Part-Time Job listing is designed to help connect you to part-time job openings in an area accessible to you. You are expected to take an active role. To succeed in your job search, be on time for appointments and interviews, investigate all leads, follow through with potential employers, know your limitations, and continue your job search on a weekly basis.


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