Student Support Advisors

A dynamic team of professionals who share the common goal of providing excellence in student service will be by your side throughout your academic progress. During enrollment, you will be assigned a Student Support Advisor (SSA) who will directly assist you with your educational goals. He/she will be your point of contact for all your service needs including academic advising and student finance. Please contact your SSA to schedule an appointment.

Student Support Advisors

    Latoya Daniels
Last Names:  Gb - Pa
p: 855-829-9972 Agent#:  5667
    Kristina Johnston
Last Names: Pb - Zz
p: 855-829-9972 Agent#:  5414
    Joanna Maggard
All New Undergrad Students A - Z 
p: 855-829-9972 Agent#: 5650
    Jeanette Quiles
Last Names: A - Ga
p: 855-829-9972 Agent#: 5659


Keller Graduate School of Management Students

  Miriam Terrero
All New & Continuing
p: 855-829-9972 Agent#:  5656

Other Student Central Personnel


   Estrella Velazquez-Domenech
Student Central Manager
p: 407-345-2816




Michelle Hooper
Student Central Manager
p: 407-345-2814





Krystal Chauharjasingh
Operations Support Coordinator
p: 407-345-2802

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