Course Enrollment Information

Add Courses
Continuing students may add a course prior to the start of classes using the Student Portal.

New and readmitted students must register for classes in person.

Course Add Deadlines

  • The deadline for adding on-site courses is prior to the first class meeting in the first week.
  • Students may add an online course during the first week only with the permssion of the local appriate academic adminsitrator.

Drop/Withdraw from Course(s)
Students may drop a course prior to the start of classes using the Student Portal; however, students may NOT drop their last or only enrolled course for the session via self-registration.

To request a withdrawal or drop from a course or courses, you may contact one of the following DVU staff members:

    - Student Support Advisor
    - Academic Advisor
    - Academic Affairs Specialist or Dean
    - Operations Support Coordinator
    - Registrar staff

 Additional Information:

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