Career Services - Resources

Career Ready - The Four Stage Plan | DeVry
A four-stage plan outlining activities designed to assist students with successful career transitions. 

Career Ready - The Two Stage Plan | Keller
A two-stage plan outlining activities designed to assist students with successful career transitions

Self Assessment Guide
A helpful resource with several self-assessment exercises, including:  Developing a Mission Statement, Outlining Career Objectives, and Creating Career-Related SMART Goals.

Comprehensive Guide for Interviewing
A resource that covers best practices in preparing for an interview.

Resume Handout
A guideline for effective resume strategies.

Cover Letter Handout
A resource that breaks down what information should be included in each paragraph of a cover letter.

Networking Handout
Helpful tips on how to build and maintain effective networking relationships.

Career Services Assessment
A tool designed to help students determine how prepared they are for a career transition.


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