Campus Security

DeVry understands the concern that students have for their safety on campus. In compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 DeVry will annually distribute to all students its security policies and procedures and the previous year's crime statistics.

Reporting a Crime
A truly safe campus can only be achieved through the cooperation of students, faculty and staff. As a member of the DeVry community, it is your responsibility to report a crime, suspicious activity or other emergencies on campus to the appropriate campus official.

Should you become a witness to or victim of a crime, immediately report the incident to the local Police Department and the Incident Commander, during the day, or security personnel during the evening. When making your report of the incident you should provide the following information:

1. Description of the incident
2. Date, time and location of the incident
3. Description of the persons or vehicles involved in the incident
4. Who else was notified about this incident

Upon receipt of the report, the University will determine the appropriate response that could include disciplinary action against the offender(s), notification to local law enforcement, notification to the campus community or other public safety alternatives deemed appropriate given the circumstances.

Campus Access and Security
The Facilities department maintains the building and grounds with a concern for safety and security. They inspect the facility regularly, promptly make repairs affecting safety, security and hazards and respond to reports of potential safety and security hazards such as broken windows, locks, etc.

Additionally, safety surveys are routinely conducted, inspecting the grounds and facilities to review lighting and other environmental concerns for safety. Students and staff can assist the Facilities staff by reporting problems to the Facilities Office.

There are fire alarms and pull stations throughout the facility for use in the event of a fire or other general life threatening situations.

The building is open Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 10 pm, Friday 7:30 am to 4 pm, and Saturday 8 am -  1 pm.  When DeVry is officially closed, the building is locked and is monitored by the Orlando Police Department as off duty officers. During those times, there is an emergency response procedure in place. Members of the University Management Committee have been trained on securing the facility and are available in the event of an emergency at the facility. Keys are issued only to those with specific access needs.

Classrooms and laboratory access is limited to those enrolled in the class meeting there. Access to off-campus activities is limited to those students actively enrolled and their guests. Students are responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times. DeVry reserves the right to require valid student identification cards is presented for admittance to certain locations and events. DeVry may also require students to register their guests with Student Services prior to attendance.

An escort is available for the safety of anyone walking alone to their vehicle. The on campus police officer may be contacted for assistance.

Students living in off campus student plan housing facilities should check with the apartment landlord for specific safety and security measures at their complex. Although most complexes provide keys for individual and restricted access to apartments, the level of additional security varies from complex to complex.

Law Enforcement
An off duty Orlando police officer serves as an escort and an on campus security guard Monday through Saturday.  See Student Services for the hours the Orlando police officers are on duty. He/she is uniformed, armed and must be called to respond to emergencies. As an officer of the law he/she has the authority to search vehicles, and question and arrest suspects following a criminal act on campus.

Students and staff are encouraged to report all on campus crimes to the Student Services Office during the day and to the Academic Affairs Office during evening and weekend hours. Crimes committed at off campus housing should be immediately reported to the Police Department with jurisdiction over the complex and as reasonably possible to the Student Services office.

Safety and Security Programs
Campus safety and security is the shared responsibility of both students and staff. To enhance student and staff awareness of their responsibilities for their own safety the following will be provided throughout the year.

.  Pamphlets on personal safety will be distributed.
.  School calendars will include emergency phone numbers for housing and a section for commuter students to place their emergency phone numbers.
.  Housing students will be made aware of their option to purchase renters insurance.
. Displays of safety/security will be set up in the Library and/or, Student Services Office.
.  School publications will be used as a forum for topics on the necessity of taking control of personal safety.
.  Inspections of school housing will consider security precaution.
. Escort service to parked vehicles will be provided by the on campus police officer.
Safety Tips
. Wherever you are stay alert and tuned into your surroundings.
. Communicate the message that you are calm, confident and know where you're going.
. Stay away from isolated areas.
. Stay at the part of the sidewalk that is farthest away from shrubs, dark doorways and alleys.
. Walk with a companion whenever possible.
. Check the back seat before getting into the car. Keep doors locked while driving.
. Don't overload yourself with packages and don't wear shoes or clothing that restrict your movements.
. Avoid displaying large amounts of cash or jewelry.
. Carry a purse close to your body. Carry a wallet in an inside coat or front trouser pocket.
. If you think someone is following you, abruptly switch directions and walk toward an open store, restaurant or lighted home.
. Don't hitchhike. Don't pick up hitchhikers.
. Park in well lighted areas.
. Avoid isolated bus or train stops and times when few other people are around.
. Do not reveal your name, phone number or address to unknown persons. Never admit to them that you are alone or when you will be away.
. Keep an eye on your neighbor's home while they are away. Have them do the same for you.
. Keep your local police department's telephone number next to your phone.
. Keep doors locked at all times.
. Draw shades and curtains whether or not you are home.
. Keep money and jewelry locked in a safe place.
. Leave a light on while you are away or use a timer.
. Secure sliding glass doors with commercially available locks or a rigid wooden dowel in the track.
. Don't hide spare keys in mailboxes, planters or under doormats.
. Make a record of your valuables and keep them in a safe spot.
. Don't leave a note that says you're not in.
. Never prop doors open.
. Keep ladders and tools in a locked area.
. Have someone cut your lawn when on vacation.
. Always lock your vehicle and remove the keys. Make sure the windows are closed.
. Lock all valuables in the trunk.
. Never leave an ID tag on your key ring.
. Leave only the ignition key with parking attendants.
. Park in well lighted areas.
. Keep your purse, wallet or other valuable items with you at all times or locked in a drawer or closet.
. Never leave keys lying out.
. Never leave change or cash on the desk or in a top drawer.
. Notify security personnel of any suspicious persons or vehicles.
. When working after normal hours be sure doors are locked.
. Report any broken or flickering lights, doors that don't lock properly or broken windows to facilities.

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