Vehicle Parking

Vehicle Registration

  • All vehicles parked on the property of DeVry University must be registered with Student Services and display a vehicle registration hangtag. One hangtag may be used for an unlimited number of vehicles for one fee. All vehicle information (license plate, make, model, year) of each vehicle must be supplied when the vehicle is registered.

  • The hangtag must be displayed on the rear view mirror with the permit number facing out.

  • A lost hangtag must be reported to Student Services. There is a $10.00 replacement fee.

  • Any change of vehicle type, license plate, name or address must be reported to Student Services.

Parking Classification
Student parking is permitted in white lined areas only. Employee and visitor parking are permitted to park in the blue lined areas. Handicapped parking are permitted in the blue lines and are located in designated areas immediately adjacent to the facility. A valid handicapped parking permit or license plate must be displayed to park in these spaces.

Special Regulations and Policies

  1. Vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of one outlined space.

  2. No vehicle may be left standing or parked in such a manner so as to obstruct or impede the free flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

  3. Vehicles must not be parked in designated loading zones or in front of primary entrances/exits of the building.

  4. Lack of parking space or inclement weather conditions are not valid reasons for violation of parking policies and regulations.

  5. No vehicle may be parked overnight without authorization. If a vehicle becomes disabled, the student responsible for the vehicle must immediately contact Student Services and make every possible effort to remove the vehicle from the parking lot within 24 hours.

  6. The maximum speed limit is 10mph. Reckless driving or speeding will not be tolerated.

  7. DeVry reserves the right to restrict parking for special purposes and events.

A summons will be issued for violation of any of the following:

  • Parking in reserved, handicapped or visitors spaces.

  • Parking in an undesignated area.

  • Parking in a fire or loading zone.

  • Parking in two spaces.

  • Unregistered vehicles - if an unregistered vehicle must be traced, the cost of locating that information will be added to the fine.

  • Improperly displayed hangtag.

Penalties and Fines
A summons issued for violation of regulations must be paid within 5 school days or the fine will increase by $5.00. Fines are payable to Student Finance. Students will not be permitted to enter the following semester until the levied fine is paid.

Statement of Waiver of Responsibility

Security services for the parking area are provided by DeVry and are, in part, funded by the vehicle registration fee. In no way does the fee include any type of fire, theft, liability, collision or security insurance or service while the registered vehicle is parked on DeVry property. The security services rendered are provided only as a preventative measure.

Neither DeVry University nor the DeVry Student Activities Organization is responsible for any personal belongings, which may be lost or stolen from cars while parked on DeVry premises. All valuables should be insured and/or removed from the vehicle when unattended.

Neither DeVry University nor the DeVry Student Activities Organization of DeVry claim any responsibility for theft, fire, liability, collision or act of God while the registered vehicle is parked on DeVry property.


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