Library of Congress Classification List

This list explains what the various letters refer to in the classification system. There are examples corresponding to certain areas.

A. General works

Examples: General encyclopedias, such as Academic American Encyclopedia (AE)

B. Philosophy, Psychology and Religion

Examples: Philosophy (B) Psychology (BF)

C. Auxiliary Sciences of History

Example: General biographical books (CT)

D. History: General and old World (Eastern Hemisphere)

Examples: Great Britain (DA)

E-F History: America (Western Hemisphere)

Examples: African American History (E 185's)

G. Geography, Maps, Anthropology, Recreation

Examples: Recreation, Sports and Games (GV)

H. Social Sciences

Examples: Statistics (HA), Finance (HG), General Business (HF), Sociology (HM)

J. Political Science

K. Law (General)

Example: United States Law (KF)

L. Education

Examples: Higher Education (LA)

M. Music

Examples: Composers (ML)

N. Fine Arts

Examples: Architecture (NA), Drawing and Design (NC), Painting (ND)

P. Language and Literature

Examples: English Language Dictionaries (PE), English Literature (PR),
American Literature (PS)

Q. Science

Examples: Mathematics (QA), Computer Programming and languages (QA)

R. Medicine

Examples: Nutrition (RA)

S. Agriculture

T. Technology

Examples: Networking (TK), Manufacturing (TS)

U. Military Science

V. Naval Science

Z. Bibliography: Library Science, Documentation preparation

Examples: Internet Research (ZA)

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