Emergency Evacuation

DeVry University has developed an emergency evacuation plan. Familiarize yourself with these procedures. Your safety and the safety of others may depend upon it.

Continued Sounding of Fire Horns

  1. Walk, do not run, to the nearest exit in accordance with the diagram posted in each room or as directed by DeVry emergency personnel.

  2. Maintain a distance from the evacuated building to allow fire equipment easy access to the building.

Emergency & Non-Emergency Notification of Student

Anyone needing to contact a DeVry/Orlando student for an emergency would need to contact Student Services, located in the administrative offices at the campus, or by calling 407-355-4852. Student Services will then send an employee to see if the student is in class. If the student is not in class, Student Services will attempt to call the student. The classroom number will not be given out to the person needing to notify the student.

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