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DeVry University
4000 Millenia Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32839


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Academics 407-226-6459
Admissions 407-370-3131
Career Services 407-226-6400
Library 407-355-4807
Registrar 407-226-6439
Student Central 407-248-4880
Student Services 407-355-4852
Student Success Center 407-226-6446

If you need...

Please visit...
Academic Advisement Student Central, Rm. 142
Address Changes Student Central, Rm. 142
Attendance Information Student Central, Rm. 142
Billing Information Student Central, Rm. 142
Career Advising Career Services, Rm. 146
Course or Program Changes Student Central, Rm. 142
Disability Student Services Student Services, Rm. 143
Financial Aid Assistance Student Central, Rm. 142
Housing Student Services, Rm. 143
International Student Services Student Services, Rm. 143
Loan Deferment Certification Student Central, Rm. 142
Notary Public Student Central, Rm. 142
Part-Time Employment Student Services, Rm. 143
Personal Counseling Student Services, Rm. 143
Student Activities/Clubs Student Services, Rm. 143
Transcript Request Student Central, Rm. 141
Transfer to another DeVry Campus Student Central, Rm. 142
Tutorial Services Student Sucess Center, Rm. 127
Veteran's Benefit Information Student Services, Rm. 143
Withdrawal from a course/school Student Central, Rm. 142

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