Documentation of ACT and SAT Scores

All applicants must submit original copies of ACT or SAT scores if they wish to be evaluated on the basis of these scores. Original copies include scores received on official high school transcripts or score reports received directly from the companies administering the tests. Testing companies may forward score reports on paper or via computerized data exchange directly to DeVry, per the applicant's request, or individuals may submit their original, and must make a copy and sign a certification statement on the copy. On an emergency basis, DeVry scholarship applicants may mail or fax score reports to DeVry to meet an announced deadline. However, an original copy of the scores must be received no later than the end of the first term of enrollment, and the Institute must verify the accuracy of the scores on the main DeVry database. Scholarship winners must have original copies of their scores on file and verified prior to accepting the scholarship.

From APPENDIX F, 10 OF 26, EFF.4/24/00, V.1.2

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