Testing Center

We offer the following tests:

  • Challenge Exams (DeVry University students) 
  • Make-up Tests (DeVry University & Keller Graduate School of Management students)
    • For DeVry students you will need to have your professor complete the Make-Up Exam/Test Form. You can access said form by clicking here.
  • Distance Learning Students (New fees became effective January 20, 2014.)
    • College Board CLEP Test
      • CLEP charges $80 per test and can only be paid on http://www.collegeboard.org/.
      • We also charge a fee of $30 and is a one time charge to use the facility for the entire day.
    • DSST Tests
      • DSST charges $80 per test and can only be paid using a credit card.  DSST accepts Visa & MasterCard.
      • We also charge a fee of $30 and is a one time charge to use the facility for the entire day.
    • External Institutions
      • Information regarding the test as well as access information for the test itself must be sent directly from the institution prior to making your appointment. It can be emailed, faxed, or mailed.
      • We also charge a fee of $35 and is a one time charge to use the facility for the entire day.

    Exams must be scheduled to allow full time to be given prior to the close of business. For example, if your exam time limit is 2 hours, then you would need to schedule an appointment no later than 2 hours before the close of business.

    Testing Times
    (The last time mentioned is the latest possible time we will allow a tester to sit for the day in question.)

    The Testing Center is located in Room 138 at our DeVry University Orlando Campus. Click here for directions.

    Monday - Thursday 11:00a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    Friday No Testing Times Offered
    Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 am

    Registration Procedures (External Institutions)

    1. Contact the Office of the Registrar & Testing Center at 407-226-6439. You can also contact us via email at rsc-testingcenterorlando@devry.edu
           The email should include:
      • Your Name
      • Expected Date of Exam
      • Name of School/Institution
      • Time Limit of Exam (If Available)
      • Test Format (Paper-and-pencil or Online)
    2. Notify the institution you are attending to submit the exam to Office of the Registrar & Testing Center either by email attachment, fax, mail, or overnight courier service. All materials should be sent by one of the following methods.
    3. Verify receipt of exam by contacting the office at 407-226-6439 or emailing us at rsc-testingcenterorlando@devry.edu. Appointments will not be scheduled until your exam materials have been received.

    Test Day

    • Arrive 15-minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Examinees arriving more then 15 minutes late may not be admitted. Payment for the proctoring fee can be made in our Student Central Office located across the hall from the Office of the Registrar & Testing Center.
    • You are required to bring a valid, not expired, Photo ID and must be in the name you are registered to test.
      • Photo ID's are considered government issued. Acceptable documents include a drivers license, passport, state-issued ID card, or military identification.


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